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Fireplace Transformation for Under $50

A recent project we did for some clients in Bucks County, PA is our latest DIY inspiration. They wanted to mount their television above the fireplace. While mounting the television didn’t present too many problems, we were challenged to find a place for the cable box and other electronic devices that in enhance the viewing experience. We wanted to maintain the feel of the fireplace while finding a way to make the mantle more functional for our clients’ needs.

Fireplace in need of some help!

Fireplace in need of some help!

Our solution? We decided to extend the mantle. The budget didn’t allow for us to rip out the old mantle in exchange for a larger one so we decided to ‘beef up’ what was already there.

We measured the mantle and then purchased a 2×10 and had it cut to the right size at Home Depot. We then took the 2×10 and routed the edge to add a little decorative detail and make the corners feel finished.

Unrouted edge of 2x10

Unrouted edge of 2×10

Routed Edge of the 2x10

Routed Edge of the 2×10

After the routing was done, we sanded both sides to prep the wood for painting.

Next we used clamps, wood glue, and screws and attached the new longer wood piece to the original mantle. Then we let it dry overnight.

2x10 attached to original mantle with clamps

2×10 attached to original mantle with clamps

The next day we painted the mantle white, whitewashed the brick, and used heat resistant spray paint to finish the inside of the firebox. The result? A functional, beautiful fireplace  and some VERY happy clients!



Completed fireplace transformation

Completed fireplace transformation

This project was easy and inexpensive totaling less than $50! The hardest part was routing the wood and really, you’re only a YouTube video away from knowing what you need to do! Let us know what you think!

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