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Personalize with Pictures!

BUT…not in the way you think!



Making and sharing special memories is one of the most amazing things life has to offer, and pictures are a great way to capture the essence of a moment. However, not all of us desire to have our smiling faces or the faces of those we love plastered all over our space.


We found that one simple way to both save on art and keep it meaningful is to take pictures of special places without always having a person in the shot. Beach scenes, sunsets, and beautiful landscapes all make for beautiful art and will yield memorable conversations among those who were there. With sites like Shutterfly, Snapfish, and Easy Canvas Prints offering retouching and re-sizing services, a professional quality photo is just a few clicks away.


We have used this idea in several projects by selecting a few pictures, sending them off to the specialized sites we mentioned, and then framing and hanging them. Clients always comment on how much more personal it makes their space feel. The bonus is that these personalized pictures also make for great conversation pieces because people are always surprised that they started out as snapshots even from a phone. Simply select the photos you want to use, select the site you want to use, buy the frames and hang! Authentic, cost-saving, and amazing!

Snapshot taken on a Chicago River Tour

Snapshot taken on a Chicago River Tour

Incorporated into the design!

Incorporated into the design!

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